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SALLY WILDMAN, JD, is now retired from private practice of law.

Ms. Wildman represented adoptive parents for more than 20 years.

She continues as a retired member of the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys and of the Chicago Bar Association.


During Spring and Fall seasons, Ms. Wildman presents workshops on the adoption

process through adult education programs,  "The Adoption Process from A to Z." 

(Go to EVENTS page to see workshop listings.)

Ms. Wildman is now owner of: SALLY WILDMAN Management

                                                    203 N. LaSalle St., Suite 2100

                                                    Chicago, IL 60601

                                                    Phone: 312-726-9214



Advocacy in field of adoption:

As a retired member of the Chicago Bar Association, Ms. Wildman continues to participate in the Adoption Law Legislation subcommittee.  This committee drafts proposed changes to Illinois law and works with Illinois legislators to improve procedures for the benefit

of all members of the adoption triad.

When serving as chair of the American Bar Association Adoption Committee,

Ms. Wildman initiated a resolution for the bar association which urged Congress to establish various benefits for adoptive families. One part of that resolution, a federal tax credit for adoption expenses, is now permanently available to adoptive families. 

Ms. Wildman created the Chicago Adoption Dialogue Forum to promote dialogue on adoption policies and practices,   The first program, co-sponsored with Loyola University School of Law, Child Law Center, Chicago, Illinois brought together faculty from area universities.  The second program, co-sponsored with Midwest Adoption Network, addressed universal adoptee issues and highlighted current approaches to birth-family search, such as the expanded Illinois Adoption Registry.

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